My change of views

Upon conversing with my friends of over the weekend the subject of blogging arose, 90% of my fellows have the opinion that it is a useless commodity. Something that ‘Geeks’ and ‘Wanna-be reporters’ do to try and make a difference. The other 10% (me and one other) disagreed. We are of the opinion that Blogging is a powerful tool, a tool in which Governments fear and Celebrities curse. You see a blog takes only one. One to find a story. One to print it. Bloggers hands are not tied by such fickle things as Political Correctness or good taste. Bloggers have no chief editor scouring there work making it ‘printable’. What we write is published. Warts and all.

In the past, Hell..not even a month ago i would of agreed with them. I would if sat there, pint in hand laughing at those “saddo’s” wasting their life away. toasting their inequalities. Thinking they are somehow beneath me. That is until i actually tried it, and boy is it addictive.

This stirred me. I started to think of other things which i have hated without cause, some of which i have come to love:

Golf:   Sport of the rich, the socially inept. Not content with ruining miles of country side they slap extortionate green fee’s on members, making it near impossible for the working class to join. How my views have changed! I now realise my i was speaking from sheer jealousy. Having seen an elderly gentleman drive a 300 yarder as a child i came to the conclusion that Golf was easy, so easy in fact that men of 80 years old could play it with ease. Boy, was i wrong. cue me spending many infuriating hours trying to hit the ball, never mind sending it 300 yards! In the end i quit. Flash forward 10 years and I’m now a member if a club, having regular lessons of a pro and enjoying every minute. it wasn’t until i learned to play the game that i came to love it.

Fish:   As a child i hated fish, and i mean really hated it. It revolted me. So much so that if my mother cooked it i would refuse to eat it, and go to bed hungry. this was stubbornness to the max. Having never actually tried the fish how did i know it was revolting? I just did. as children do. Having now plucked up the courage to try this mean cuisine i can report that is isn’t as bad as i thought, but im still not overly keen. I have no idea what it is, the fish itself doesn’t taste bad. Theres just something there i dont like!

Immigrants/Immigration:   “There only here to scrounge off us right”. Wrong. Long was my opinion that all immigrants should be ‘shipped back’, my blood used to boil with stories of them claiming our dole and raping our women (only we can do that!). What happened? I opened my eyes. Immigration to an extent is vital to our economy. I have the upmost respect for anybody willing to work in such an openly prejudice country, to clean up after fat cats wiping their arse with our money. To cook food for people who look down upon them. To treat the injured who are secretly thinking “go back home”. Lets me put it this way, and Rupert Murdoch, I hope you are reading this. For long has your newspaper been churning out utter garbage. I would rather have a polish worker fix a leaking pipe than some lazy, arrogant, the world owes me a favour because i’m British, Sun reading moron. Do you want to know why firms hire immigrants? Its because they work harder than you, there actually grateful to be working our low skilled jobs, they dont think “I’m better than this”, they just get on with the job in hand.  Dont get me wrong, there is a lot of hard working brits out there, just like there is a minority of lazy immigrants. These Brits are genuinely out of work for no reason of their own. They are angry and have families to support,  but dont blame immigration. Because remember this, If this country wasn’t in recession, and you hadn’t lost your job, would you even think about becoming a cleaner? A factory worker? Running a corner shop? If you answered yes to that. Your a liar.



Religion. Or as i call it, the brainwashing of the working and middle class.

Dont get me wrong i have nothing against the religious, if they want to spend  their time worshipping a superiour being who hides behind free will who am i to stop them. You see this is what gets me, if God was so great and powerful he would do something about the evil in this world, or better yet never have created it in the first place. But no, God created free will. so mans actions are his own.

This strikes me as a god who’s willing to take praise and glory from the masses, but cast down those who question his existence. Is that not a form of free will? to question were on comes from?    Not according to the religious. Its Blasphemy.

Having grown up with the church, received a catholic education and attended sunday masses on a weekly basis. I can say that I’m more than qualified to question my own religion. And i refuse to bow down and worship a religion that is willing to send good people to Hell, based on there actions while living. Take me for example, I have never killed a man, Beaten a woman, I respect my mother and Father. Yet when my Judgement comes i will be sent down in to the fiery pits of Hell, for not believing in something which you could never know, until the times comes.

I will be sent down for enjoying my life, drinking too much alcohol, eating too much food, fornicating before marriage. My actions do nothing to harm others yet i will still be sent down with the killers, rapists and peadophiles. Does that sounds like a loving God to you?

I embrace money as a means to a better life, i work on the sabbath day, i use contraception (shock horror!) and i condone homosexuality. In my eyes everybody is the same. Not in Gods.

i donate to charity, does this count in my favour? speaking about charity, as the richest organisation in the world there need for donations seems insatiable, why dont they try selling some of these priceless artifacts they have stored below the vatican, and help out the people of Africa, instead of preaching to them about the ryhthm method. One christian blog went as far to say that AIDS is gods punishment for homosexuality, Jesus! wouldn’t like to get on the wrong side of him, i better watch out the next time i go for a 5 finger shuffle… My Penis might suddenly fall off.

the Church isn’t all bad, it can be a place of hope for millions. well thousands, attendance isn’t what it used to be. and they do help a lot of people, but i would like to see the church modernise, give up this stupid notion that contraception is evil, condone sex before marriage and let there priests have a little fun. no wonder children have stopped attending service, they kept slipping on the priests drool!

and really, it could only be a virgin that came up with that rule, no sex before marriage, give me a brake he just couldn’t get laid! and the withdrawal technique, show me one man that pulled out on the moment of climax and ill show you a saint, a man with that much belief and self restraint could lead the world in to a new order.

He must have Balls of Steel.

Binge Drinking

According to the government we drink too much.

No, seriously.  Statistics indicate that over 50% of 16-24 year olds drink  above the recommended daily allowence each week, i have one thing to say about that….WHO GIVES A SHIT!

If we as a nation drank only the recommended limit (which is around two pints for males, one for females) imagine how depressed we would all be, it would have the same effect as mass neutering, the human race would die out. you’d actually be able to see the ugly pig you are bonking! it works both ways, personally i feel sorry for any woman that wakes up sober next to me. fancy a brew love?

If i wanted to be preached too id take up religion.

the simple fact is this,  the government really doesn’t care about your health. Not when its getting billions from alcohol tax,which coincidently is at an all time high. Just look at smoking, if the government really cared about us it would implement a total ban on tobacco, but then where would they get there tax money from? I’v an idea, lets invent something called Global Warming then sneak in hundreds of hidden “green” taxes…whats that you say?       its already been done?       and people are actually falling for it?      Never.

speaking about smoking, is it only me thats sick of hearing school children singing on the radio asking us to quit? I mean do they not know that there the only reason people smoke in the first place.

Binge drinking is escapism, confidence levels rise as your IQ lowers. A dangerous mix. just look at John “two jags” Prescott, do you think any sober woman would fornicate with that?

The simple truth is this. Binge drinking just illuminates other problems within this country. The lack of police on our streets. The dangerously under-run NHS and mass immigration, all of this isn’t drinks fault.

Its Labours.


Hello and welcome to my new blog!

I created this:

1. out of sheer boredom.

2. you guessed it, boredom.

Boredom. theres nothing worse, every second lasts a minute, every minute an hour… i seem to clock up a lot of hours in one day. People have different ways of dealing with boredom, some take up a hobby, others go for long walks and some people eat (Hello there america) but me, well I’m a complainer, i get no greater satisfaction that telling everybody else how bored i really am. It seems, if only for a split second to alleviate my boredom. Then its all over and i’m bored again.

I decided enough was enough, i was going to stop putting on everyone and get myself an interest! so i did. I bought a fish tank. this was all well and good for the first couple of week, i purchased a couple of clown fish and watched them glide slowly around my tank. then i realised…..DAMN this is boring.

I joined a shooting range thinking the thrill of target shooting would lighten me up, i nearly turned the rifle on myself.

I joined a gym, you always feel better after a workout! i wouldn’t know, i haven’t worked up the motivation to go.

I’m now bored, but too lazy to do anything about it.

I did, i went to the pub.

I’m now an alcoholic.